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New site theme + Bhop maps
As you may have already noticed, we've done a complete revamp of our forums and pushed this new, modern theme to all of our members! The new theme looks and functions significantly better than the old theme (especially on mobile devices and high-resolution screens), and feels much better to navigate as well. (If you really want the old Square theme back, you can change it back in the User CP, but we really don't recommend it)

We're also working on a new homepage for the site, as well as a new MOTD for all of our servers and (eventually) an online leaderboard for Bhop. Our new homepage and MOTD changes should be coming out within the next few months.

We've also added a new map to bhop, bhop_dragon! This classic map should be good to go, but if you experience any issues with it, please get in touch with an admin and we'll sort it out. Additionally, we've also fixed an issue that was preventing bhop_arcane from showing up in the vote list, and it should now be playable again.

Remember, if you have any suggestions, we would love to hear from you! Whether it be some new maps (which we are currently seeking to add to Bhop, Surf, and Minigames) or an idea on how to improve our servers, feel free to start a new thread in the suggestions forum.

As always, thanks for playing Uninspired!

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