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[NEW] Minigames Server + Bhop Maps
As of yesterday, Uninspired now has an official CSGO Minigames server! We've currently got several classic minigame maps, including saw, arcs, and grands, and are working to add more within the next couple of weeks. While it's in a sort-of beta as we get some bugs ironed out, we'll be adding several features and maps in the near future. Feel free to try it out, and leave feedback on the forums or in the Discord!

We have also added two new maps to our Bhop server - bhop_badges_mini and bhop_cobblestone. We're also looking into adding new maps, as well as online bhop stats/leaderboards. Keep an eye out for updates in the next few weeks.

Finally, we have - for the moment, at least - taken down our CSGO Deathmatch server, due to lack of interest and the high server load created by the bots. While the server may come back if we see a renewed interest sometime in the future, it is currently more worthwhile to dedicate the server resources to our other four servers.

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