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* README * Ban Appeal Guide
[Image: IMiadn1.png]
Uninspired Gaming - Ban Appeal Guide

If you were banned from one of our servers or the forum, you were found to be violating one of our global server/forum rules or egregiously violating the rules of an individual server. For reference, you can find the global server/forum rules here

Server Bans - CSGO/GMOD
If you have been banned from one of CSGO or GMod servers, your ban will automatically appear in our Sourcebans (click here). The ban entry will include your SteamID, the reason for your ban, what server the ban came from, and the issuer of the ban (an administrator or the CONSOLE). 

To appeal, copy the template below and use it to create a new thread in this forum, replacing the red text with your responses. Be sure to fill out the template correctly, or your ban appeal is very likely to be denied. All ban appeal decisions are final. 


In-game name: Display name (e.g. Maxis)
SteamID: STEAM_X:X:XXXXXXXX - MUST be a valid SteamID, in this format, as it appears in Sourcebans
Server: The server you were banned from (e.g. CSGO Jailbreak)
Ban issuer: Name of the admin that banned you (e.g. PineappleSwiss) or CONSOLE
Ban time and date: approximate (e.g. 10/22/17 around 3:30 PM EST)
Ban length: duration of the ban (e.g. permanent)
Ban reason: the reason for your ban (e.g. admin disrespect)

Why we should unban you: Give us a good reason, as well as any counter-evidence, witnesses, or additional information. Remember, this is your only chance to dispute, so make it good. 


Forum Bans
Forum bans are normally only given for violating our global forum rules, for things such as unacceptable user abuse or posting spam. Violators will likely be username banned, email banned, and IP banned in order to prevent evasion.

To dispute a forum ban, you may email us at support@uninspired.co with a valid reason for unbanning you. All ban appeal decisions are final. 

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