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China Bus Display Board manufacturers
Overall Dimensions1110mm x 236 mm x 42mmMax Power100W
LED Display Size960mm * 200mmWorking VoltageDC9V - DC35 V
Pixel Resolution16 Dots * 96 DotsWorking RH0~99%
Display ModeImage, textsWorking Temp-40~60 Celsius
ColorsRed +AmberCommunicationRemote control, RS232, RS485 or CAN
G.W.4.5KgLife Span100,000 Hrs
1. Can storage more than up to 9000 lines message, can adjust brightness, scrolling speed and actions.
2. LED Display, Can display letters and numbers and other countries languages.
3. Remote control, RS232/RS485 , can combine to your local terminal admistration system.
4. Provide easy friendly operating editing software.
5. Can storage more than up to 9000 lines message, can adjust brightness, scrolling speed and actions.
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As a semiconductor light source, white LEDs consume only about 20% of the power compared to conventional illumination sources. The service life is up to 100,000 hours, which is dozens of times that of ordinary lamps. It has good reliability and low maintenance costs. The use voltage is low, the working voltage is generally below 5V, in addition to the liquid crystal backlight of the portable machine, it can also use the field lighting, remote mountain lighting, miner lights and water environment lighting. The switching time is short, the response time can be as low as 1 microsecond, and the general luminaire is several milliseconds (the current light source response time is 200 milliseconds). Environmentally friendly, there is no harmful waste such as mercury, it is not easy to break, and it reduces the pollution of waste to the environment. LED lamps do not contain infrared and ultraviolet components, no radiation pollution, and DC drive, no stroboscopic, is an environmentally friendly light source to protect vision. With the widespread use of LEDs and improved performance, a new lighting revolution is coming to a consensus, and what this expected change will bring to people: this is the most concerned about developing LED application products and guiding market development. The problem.China Bus Display Board manufacturers

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