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False Ban
In-game name: Forfitt
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:447286705
Server: CSGO Bhop
Ban issuer: Maxis
Ban time and date: 8-28-18 05:20
Ban length: permanent
Ban reason: Cheating

Why we should unban you: I said this a few months ago when I hopped on the server, and was quesitoned about it, but I really never cheated on any of the uninspired servers. I will admit I had cheated in the past on other servers, but I had never done it on uninspired. it's still to this day my favorite bhop server. I don't see any of my bhopping as suspicious, I'm above average at best with my strafes, and my routing kinda sucks. I just try to come on and have fun bhopping, which I do when I do it. I don't expect any of the admins to believe me because my only argument is I haven't had anything on my computer to cheat in probably 6 months at this point (a month at the time I was perma banned from the server). If you guys give me a chance I appreciate it, if not it's okay also. Either way, I wish everyone who plays on the server, and all the staff good luck on the rest of their endeavors. 

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