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[Officer] ReXy
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:162510742

Do you have a Microphone? Yes

How old are you? 17

When and how much do you plan on playing? I've been on the server everyday and usually for around 5-6 hours. I've also been the only staff member on in a while so being that there's no staff member to help ban or help regulate the server it makes it difficult dealing with people when a lot of people are on.

What sets you apart from everyone else? What sets me apart is how i'm always on which allows for people who are new to be able to be taught and join the community.

Do you have any prior experience in a leadership/management position? The only other position I've had besides on here was on another server as an admin until I decided to leave because of problems with one of the owners.
Can I get a response?
[Image: IMiadn1.png]
[Image: a8ouYBJ.png]

If this is your first promotion, please PM me your:

Full Name
2 Contact Methods (Facebook, Twitter, Phone, Kik, Groupme, ect.)

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