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[Officer] Tuna

  1. Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:437727349

  2. Do you have a Microphone? Yes

  3. How old are you? 17

  4. When and how much do you plan on playing? 20+ hours a week, I play all days of the week.

  5. What sets you apart from everyone else? Going to be back on the server a lot more now that I'm back from vacation so my normal playtime will resume. Along with being in touch with the community, I help develop/fix plugins if needed, and upload and zone the new maps for the bhop server(Around 35 maps so far). I still mainly play bhop, but occasionally go on the surf server if there is people on.

  6. Do you have any prior experience in a leadership/management position? I've completed 4 years of JROTC(Military Structured Leadership Course) I've held an IT Leadership position and a Finance leadership position in my unit. I've also been a helper(Essentially a chat moderator) on a few Minecraft servers in the past.
[Image: louapda75f3.png]
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If this is your first promotion, please PM me your:

Full Name
2 Contact Methods (Facebook, Twitter, Phone, Kik, Groupme, ect.)
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