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Fixes, updates, maps
Hey there! I know it's been awhile since the last update post, but we've been hard at work on fixes, updates, and new maps for our servers! Here's all of the cahnges we've made since our last update post:

- Added a welcome message! Currently rolled out on all of our servers, the welcome message provides useful information for new players, including where to find help, as well as an invite to the discord and the link to this website. More improvements are in the works as well.

- Fixed SSJ and added two modes: First and Sixth, and First through Sixth. SSJ was broken when using 6th mode in Spec, so we fixed that - and added First and Sixth and First through Sixth modes while we were at it. Special thanks to Tuna and Boomshot for making the fix and improvements possible!

- Added !showtriggers to show trigger zones. Extremely helpful in identifying teleport triggers.

- Fixed being able to drop all weapons. For when you want to have a clean, weapon-free experience. 

- Fixed weapons not despawning on drop. Sorry about that. 

- Server intercepts popular invalid commands and gives an info message instead. This applies to common invalid commands, including (but not limited to) !ws, !knives, !karambit, and more.

- Added maps to Bhop, including: thc_gold_rg1, 2flocci2furious, 15m, deadend, sqee_hard, symphony, green_shade, flyingcolors, ametisti, timeshifter, blend_csgo, bloc, asiimov, dream2,  communityjump2, trampislow, insanelyserz, eazy_4xl, together, verisimilitude, dimensions, strafe_fix_rg5, badges, and bathhouse. 

Also, a warm welcome to our new mod, ReXy! We're happy to have you!

If you have any problems or suggestions, feel free to to tell us in the Discord, or post them here on the forums. And as always, thank you for playing here at Uninspired!

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