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ban appeal
In-game name: Nope xd
SteamID: STEAM_1:1:239426077
Server: csgo bhop
Ban issuer: Maxis
Ban time and date: 6/22/18 10pm CST
Ban length: permanent
Ban reason: cheating

Why we should unban you: i play on the server a lot and really enjoy the community, it was a dumb mistake and wont happen again, i used it for 1 map and i admitted that because i didnt want to lie to admins which is why i got banned, i didnt mean any harm by it even tho it obviously was. i apologize and promise it wont happen again.
Please tell us what hacks you used and where you got them. If you don't want to name names publicly you can PM me.
Your ban has been reduced to 4 weeks.
[Image: a8ouYBJ.png]

Your ban appeal has been approved, and your ban has been reduced or removed.

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