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New bhop styles, fixes, maps
Hey guys! We've made a ton of progress since the last update, largely to the Bhop server (although Surf and Minigames changes are in the works!). Here's just a few of the changes we've made over the past several weeks:

Updated the Timer and Sourcemod installation on Bhop. Along with fixing several bugs and improving several aspects of play, this allows us to upgrade plugins and make necessary upgrades.

Added segmented and parkour styles to Bhop. Segmented has already proved to be popular among players attempting to perfect their runs, and parkour is now available for players to run and set times.

Added new maps to Bhop, including: pyle, skyruins, shampoo, royal, redshit, noname, zygos, shoppingspree, kiitovittu, watkISkleur, p08, challenjour, muchfast, fur, cutekittenz, alvo2, shitper, colorshit_v2, prometheus, peachrace, fuji, conquest and continuity. Remember, if you have map suggestions, feel free to post them in the suggestions forum!

Fixed several annoying bugs on Bhop. We successfully fixed prestrafing, advertisement intervals, spectator limits in the change team screen, and infinite ammo not being truly infinite and requiring reloading. We've also gone ahead and removed blue_aux from the map rotation until we can fix issues with our port.

Also, special thanks to Wojo for providing several important pieces of code to help us make these improvements!

If you have suggestions or see a problem, feel free to post them in the suggestions forum, or message us in Discord. And as always, thanks for playing Uninspired!

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