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New maps, fixes, and staff
Several changes since our last update:

Firstly, several bug fixes and improvements have been made to Bhop and Surf! Most notably, on both servers player can now talk in spectator (both text and voice chat) to all players, not just those also in spec. We've also fixed the time allotment per map on Bhop, ladder climb speed/boosters, a map skip bug in bhop_arcane, and applied a plugin to allow multihop on all maps (no more being sent back on Cobblestone). 

We also fixed a major map zoning issue on bhop_exodus, with the endzone now being in the proper place instead of being way too early on the map. As the zoning fix entirely changed how the map plays, any times from before the change have had their map name changed to "bhop_exodus_fix_oldzones", and can be found in the webstats here for posterity.

We have also added a plethora of maps to Bhop! The new maps include cyber, grassland, blue_aux, lego2, aux_a9, alien_ruins, smally, fps_max, screelee, zig, playboy, 4four, and interloper. These new maps are of many different lengths and difficulties, and provide a good mix to satisfy both our seasoned players and those just starting out. As always, if you would like to see a new map on any of our servers, feel free to suggest it in our bhop forum or our Discord!

Also, a warm welcome to our newest staff member, Tuna! For some time, Tuna has been heavily involved in the development of our servers, and has been a tremendous help in enforcing our rules and helping players out. Welcome to the team!

Remember, if you want to see new features on our servers, tell us about it! Post it in the server's section on our forum, or mention it in our Discord.

Thanks, as always, for playing Uninspired!

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