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  Official Uninspired Jail Rules
Posted by: PineappleSwiss - 11-29-2015, 12:58 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

[Image: 0ZP5V0O.png]
Jail Rules
(These are liable to change at any time, we will inform everyone when they do)

General Rules

  1. Don’t unnecessarily delay the round
  2. Last Requests must be fair for both participants. If no rules are said, normal rules apply. If the rules were broken, that person will be slain/killed the next round.
  3. If you are not the CT involved in the LR, don’t interfere with it.
  4. Don’t talk over warden
  5. Don't ghost (as dead player/spectator letting an alive player know where another alive player is)
  6. No spamming of any kind including mic, chat, guns, and/or grenades
  7. No advertising
  8. If no valid orders are given before cells are open, it’s a Freeday
  9. Any rule violation is punishable
CT Rules

  1. To be on CT you must understand all these rules and have a working microphone
  2. Do everything the warden tells you to do
  3. When worden dies it is a warden-dead Freeday until the next day
  4. Don’t freekill (kill non-rebelling Terrorists)
  5. Don’t drop guns with ammo in them on terrorists, for guns without ammo you need wardens permission
  6. Don’t bait (getting close enough that a terrorist can knife you)
  7. Stay out of vents unless you are chasing a terrorist
  8. Give people a few seconds to start do the commands (unless it's a game where reaction time matters)
  9. Don’t run off during map activities, help the warden
  10. Where at the beginning of the round there are at least 3 CT’s, when there is only one left he is last CT and can kill any T he sees until there is only one left
  11. Don’t close cells once they’ve been opened even if there is a button to do so on the map
  12. CT’s can’t give false orders of any kind
  13. CTs must give a 3 second warning to drop holstered/unholstered secondaries, primaries are always KOS
Warden Rules

  1. Always repeat initial commands and then repeat it once more if someone asks for it
  2. Orders must be given clearly and must be specific to follow
  3. Once there have been two special days (Freeday, Warday, Hide and Seek)  in a row you have to have a normal day
  4. Don’t have more special days than normal days
  5. Don’t have favoritism (Anything unearned or unequal that helps a T get closer to LR) during any game or activity in the day
  6. Warden must state they are playing games before doing so, such as first reaction last reaction or simon says
  7. Warden cannot force a T to bloodhound
  8. If the warden gives a pardon the pardon is guaranteed (Warden may not lie)
  9. On opinion based days, such as joke days, all CT’s must vote on whether the T lives or dies (If the votes tie, the T lives)
T Rules

  1. All T’s must follow Warden’s orders or they are rebelling
  2. Armory, vents, and secret teleporters are always considered rebellious acts
  3. If you rebelled during the round you may not LR unless the warden allows you to
  4. No detours/delays is implied
  5. You may ask for a repeat on any command
  6. Once you’ve started an LR you may not cheat
  7. Don’t close cells once they’ve been opened even if there is a button to do so on the map